About Us

Call center outsourcing services: how we work

We recruit experts with specialized industry knowledge and experience. Delegating the duties of the call center to outsourcing agents means reduced cost-per-call. It is easier to outsource call center services and schedule their work than manage in-house teams, especially when you need large groups of people. Another question is which operator to choose. We’ll prove that companies looking for call center services will benefit from cooperation with Clever Line

. Key benefits of cooperation with us

. Many organizations choose us because we provide them with these benefits of outsourcing call centers:

. All phone calls are recorded;

. Working in real time;

. Support; 

. Our support is scalable and well-trained;

. We use the metrics that suit your business individually.

We find a unique approach that suits each organization individually. At the start of our cooperation, we’ll assign an agent who will figure out the aspects of your business. Based on it, we will create an individual plan for our cooperation. Our outsourced call center cost is defined on an individual basis.